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Fundraising Coordinator

About Asylum Links
Asylum Links is a voluntary organisation which seeks to increase and improve access to information about asylum, housing and medical services in Europe; sharing information with migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in camps and urban areas. Our clients are mainly citizens of Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Kurdistan, Pakistan, Eritrea and Sudan, speaking Arabic, Farsi, Pashto, Urdu, Tigrinya, Kurmanji, Sorani, English and French. They live in uncertainty, and sometimes, in destitution. Read more..

Job Description
Asylum Links is currently recruiting a fundraising coordinator to establish and lead the fundraising department of our organisation.

You will need to:
-Manage donations, grants and other funds
-Create and lead different fundraising strategies
-Create networks with potential funders

If you have experience in fundraising and are confident in communicating with donors and supporters then this could be the right role for you. However, we are also open to fundraisers with less experience, who want a valuable learning and growing experience working on an important issue. You will have a lot of freedom and creativity to lead different strategies. If you want a chance to explore your ability and develop your skills, you will be very valuable to us.

We are a small and growing voluntary organisation made up of a community of passionate people who want to use our skills to help refugees. We are committed to learning as we go if we do not have the prior skills to do so, and approach our work and community with humility.

The ideal candidate would:
-Be able to commit on a part-time basis for at least 3 months (flexible & negotiable)
-Have fluency in English
-Basic/intermediate/advanced understanding of fundraising
-Be committed to learning and adapting
-Have a basic understanding of the current challenges of the refugee crisis
-Be socially and emotionally aware of the sensitivity of the issue of refugees

This is a voluntary position, with potential to be paid in the future. No formal qualifications or previous work experience is required, but if you have them, it's definitive a great plus. Send your CV to XXX, and we will contact you soon.
“Being a volunteer has really given me marketable skills, I can see in front of me the impact that my action has and it’s inspired me to do more.”
- Theo, Volunteer since 2016
Fundraising   Coordinator
Or, you would like to volunteer in a more general capacity, we would still love to have you! See how it works and whether it seems right for you.

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